Whitening & Bleaching


This is a method used to whiten teeth. It works on undamaged teeth that are stained yellow, brown or orange that only need lightening in colour. There are many whitening products available in the market but it is a safe procedure when done by a qualified dentist.

There are 2 types of bleaching:

  • in the chair-office bleach. The procedure can take up to one hour and you leave the office with lighter teeth
  • take home kit. The dentist will first make you a custom made mouth tray that will carry and hold the bleaching gel in your mouth close to the teeth. You can take it and do it in the comfort of your home by just following the instructions given by the dentist and on the home kit.

The longer you stay away from food or drinks that stain example, tea, coffee, red wine the longer the whitening results will last.

Some teeth do not bleach evenly especially those that are stained grey or have blemishes in them. Bleaching may not be suitable for those with sensitive teeth or if you have gum disease or worn teeth.