Preventive Dentistry


We at Shine dental are equally serious about prevention as we are about treating dental problems. Good oral hygiene and habits begins at home and early in life. This includes daily brushing ,flossing having a healthy diet and regular checkups with your dentist. Having a strict oral regime and discipline and sticky with it from an early age is like an oral investment that helps keep teeth for a lifetime. We at Shine are committed in helping instil these good habits so that along with prevention and early detection and treatment you can avoid those nasty and costly treatment options, expenses and outcomes that come about with long periods of neglecting your oral health. We recommend 6 monthly check up and cleans to maintain oral health and prevent serious problems and progression of dental disease.
Infants and toddlers should start to come to the dentist as early as 12-18 months or if you have any concerns about their teeth. Taking care of their teeth should start as soon as it emerges through the gums.