We at Shine believe our mouth is the gateway to our body and key to good health. Our friendly and committed team at Shine dental take it as our responsibility in educating and informing our patients as to what is going on in their mouths and how it affects their overall health. Providing quality dental treatment at an affordable price.

Many underestimate the importance of oral health and the impact it has on our general health. Most dental diseases can be prevented by the right education knowledge and awareness ,early diagnosis and treatment . We at Shine look forward to providing you just that but the first step needs to be taken by you. This can only happen with routine regular 6 monthly check up and cleaning of teeth. Our mouth is our survival mechanism. Healthy teeth and gums translates to the health of your whole body.

Come and visit our passionate team and we look forward to answering your questions, working with you to overcome your fears, providing you with ongoing care and guidance to help you attain the optimal oral health that you can be proud to smile about. Be proactive about your dental care and do not leave it till it is too late. Prevention and regular check up is the key. We provide you with comprehensive treatment plans and quote with costs involved so there are no hidden surprises.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.