What Is Dental Phobia & How To Manage It

What Is Dental Phobia & How To Manage It
0 October 4, 2017

Managing Dental Fears

Very few people enjoy visiting the dentist however with modern technology dental visits have become faster, less painful and more enjoyable particularly with comfortable dental rooms.. It is one of those things that you have to do to maintain proper and healthy oral hygiene. Some people manage it fine, but many people are terrified of going. They get terrible anxiety and panic when the mere mention of going to the dentist is made and will do everything in their power to avoid it. They will happily put off going for years, resulting in teeth and gums deteriorating.

This fear is genuine and is commonly known as “Dental Phobia“.

How the phobia develops ranges from person to person, but there are a few common reasons that stand out the most:

• The Pain Factor

There is no denying that some dental work requires pain and this creates the anxiety in people. The expectation that pain is coming is what instils fear in these people and puts them off from going.

• The Embarrassment

The longer that teeth or gums are not checked or repaired, the worse it becomes, and the less likely these people go to the dentist. They are embarrassed by their mouths and what the dentist might think. It is a vicious cycle that goes round and round.

•Lost Of Control

When you’re at the dentist, you have to sit there and give up total control. Worse, you have to sit still and just hold on until it ends. Lots of people don’t like the loss of control at the dentist, and this triggers their anxiety.

• Past Negative Experiences

Nothing creates fear than having a bad experience. These are rare cases, but when anyone has a negative and damaging experience at the dentist, it will put them off from going for a long time.

As hard as you might try to avoid the dentist, eventually a serious situation will force you to go. However, there is nothing to panic over. Modern-day dentists are experts in their field and can deliver safe dental services without any pain or complications. More than that, we have some simple steps to help you manage your fears: 

• Talk To Your Dentist

Talking to your dentist is one of the most important steps to take when confronting your anxiety. They will be able to calm you down and make you comfortable about any stresses you are facing. You will be able to understand all the steps that occur when you visit, so you are confident about what to expect. Ask them any question you want – they’ll happily answer it for you.

• Bring The Support System

Having a friend or family in the room with you will give you a confidence boost. Many people feel much more comfortable when they have a familiar face in the room with them, watching them during a dental procedure. Speak to your dentist about bringing in a friend or family member.

• Find The Right Dentist For You 

Sometimes it is not the dental work, but the dentist. You should only go to a dentist that makes you comfortable, is friendly and willing to help you with anything you need. Take your time and find the right dentist for you.

We hope that these tips help you to find the courage to take on your dental phobia. If you would like to speak to a friendly dentist in Cranbourne, give us a call today

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