A denture is a prosthesis that is constructed for the replacement of missing teeth in your mouth to help restore and maintains normal chewing , bite, speech and esthetics (improve the smile).
Teeth may have been lost due to numerous reasons
-cracked /brittle teeth -gum disease
Dentures are made of artificial teeth bonded to a plastic base made of acrylic or metal. The colour of the teeth can be closely matched to your natural teeth. The dentist makes all the decision and takes the necessary measurements and dental laboratory makes it under the dentist specifications.
There are different types of dentures:
Complete/Full Denture– can be made for upper or lower or both. It is made when all the teeth are missing and used to replace the teeth and gums
Partial Denture– made to replace only a few missing teeth while keeping the rest of your natural teeth. It will include some clasps that goes around the natural teeth that will help secure and hold the denture in position
Immediate Denture-this is placed at the same appointment as the teeth are removed so that the patient avoids a period without teeth. Mainly done when the front teeth are to be removed and main purpose is for aesthetics. This type of denture will need an extra refitting procedure called reline after 6 weeks..
Overdenture– is one that fits over-root canal treated tooth roots by attachment to dental implants.
The teeth or implants secure it in place by acting as anchors.