4 Dental Emergencies & How To Manage Them

4 Dental Emergencies & How To Manage Them
0 September 26, 2017

4 Dental Emergencies

We all try our hardest to keep our teeth in the best condition. We brush them, we floss them, we make regular appointments to the dentist. Unfortunately, accidents happen and how to act in these moments will go a long way to determining if you permanently damage your teeth and gum, or if you don’t.  

Now, we are talking about severe “on-the-spot” dental emergencies that require fast thinking and action. By following these simple steps, you will be able to reduce any long-lasting damage before you visit your dentist. 

What To Do If You Bite Your Tongue, Lips Or Cheek

The first step is to grab yourself a clean piece of cloth and apply it to the area, as this will help you stem the bleeding. Over time, the bleeding will stop, and the area will heal itself. There is nothing to worry about unless the bleeding continues after 15 minutes or there is a significant amount of blood. If this is the case, immediately head to your local dental practice or hospital if it’s after hours.

What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth

You will be surprised at how often this happens to people. If you have found that one of your teeth is broken, quickly rinse out your mouth with luke-warm water and locate any tooth fragments in your mouth or have fallen out. Once you have collected them, keep them moist and head straight to a dentist. While you’re waiting, apply a cold compress outside your mouth on the affected area to keep the pain down.

What To Do If One Of Your Teeth Are Knocked Out

 When these accidents happen, quickly grab your tooth and place it in a cup of milk, as this will keep the root alive until you get medical assistance. Your mouth will probably be leaking with blood at this point, so gently rinse out your mouth, and if it keeps bleeding, place a cotton ball on the area. This will help as you head to the dentist.

What To Do If You Have A Tooth Abscess

Abscesses are severe infections that occur at the very base of your tooth and can be discovered if you find a lump on your gum filled with pus. This is a big problem so the best bet is to act swiftly and efficiently, as leaving it can lead to tissue damage on your gum and can spread around your body. Call your dentist or go to your dental emergency hospital immediately. While waiting, rinse your mouth out several times with luke-warm water mixed with salt.

We hope that this information has helped you when facing a dental emergency. However, this is merely intended to prepare you before you visit a dentist. You should replace these methods with professional advice. If you need dental assistance immediately, contact Shine Dental Group on 03 5995 9789

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